September 5, 2016

Desk and Chair

    My husband and I were at a country auction and were meandering through all of the vintage books.  It was a cool Sunday afternoon which tend to draw a lot of bidders.  They were working through the furniture section which mainly consisted of huge pieces that we had no interest in, but then the auctioneers lifted this pitiful looking desk into the air and everyone went silent.  No one wanted it and they were making sure they didn't make an odd gesture or head nod that could be thought of as a bid.  Well, I watched as the price went down....and when they yelled out 2 bucks I decided I could surely get some use out of it.  The chair was pretty much the same story, but I was excited no one was bidding because I had already decided I wanted it because of the shape and sturdiness.  I planned on painting it so I knew a little wood putty to fill in the shallow saw mark where someone decided to use this chair as a saw horse would never be seen.  
       I sanded and sanded on that old chair, but I decided to leave a lot of the defects for character.  In my opinion you might as well go out and buy brand new furniture if you are going to fill and sand all the character out of a piece of furniture.....they are beauty marks!  The desk really wasn't as hard to deal with as the chair.  The chipped veneer on the drawer face and top peeled back in just a few minutes.  I then sanded everything a little and used a little wood filler to smooth the corners.

Well, they don't look like that anymore!  The chair and desk top are painted a bright white and I've heavily distressed them.  I'm planning on painting the desk top the same bright white for contrast and maybe paint a bird sitting on a branch across the bottom of the top.  I will paint something similar on the chair so they will coordinate.  I can't wait until I get to that part!!!!

  Fast forward 24 hours!!!

       I finally finished the desk and chair!  I just put the jewelry on the desk, sweet glass knobs that glitter.  I painted a branch with a bird perched and added a little birdie on the back of the chair to tie them together.  My girls are practically drooling and are anxious to see who gets this set in their room.

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~ Anne


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous makeover Anne! My daughter's 12th birthday is coming up in November and I want to get her a desk for her room as she's starting high school next year. This has really inspired me. Thank you so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays last week. I'm featuring your project at tomorrow's party. Don't be a stranger. I'd love to see more of your work.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  2. Nice Makeover! Only creative people can find hidden gems when they seem them. Great job. -no more sore

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