February 27, 2012

Gossip bench!!!!

I have always loved little gossip benches! I remember going to auctions with my dad and always being drawn to these cute little chairs. Well, Troy and I were at an auction recently and I bought several pieces of furniture including a gossip bench. I didn't even notice it when I passed by earlier in the day mainly because people were sitting on all of the furniture..GRRRR! It was the end of the auction and Troy had already started to load the van with my other buys while I scoped out the last auction items. I wasn't paying much attention until I looked over at the auctioneer and saw what he was sitting on. He actually auctioned off the bench WHILE sitting on it! I decided it must be sturdy and I decided to bid and win I did. When Troy came in from loading and reloading the furniture so it would all fit, I was standing there holding my prize. Lets just say he wasn't impressed, but he picked it up and found it a space because he loves me so much!

Soooooo, this gossip bench wasn't much of a beauty, but it had nice legs and a curved back that appealed to me.

The first thing I did was to sand the laminate table top so the primer would stick better. I will never understand why the tabletop is the only thing on this bench that isn't solid wood....just strange. I then lightly primed the high traffic areas on the bench with spray primer. I had the hardest time deciding what color to paint this piece because I hadn't found any fabric that seemed right. The bench sat in our shed for a few weeks until I spotted this cute black fabric with funky green leaves. The green screamed 70's which fit perfect with this retro bench. Once I painted the bench with my new sprayer, I gave it a light distressing.

I hope you enjoy the pop of color as much as I do!!! I recovered the bench pad and made a pillow for the back and added a couple of coordinating fabric roses to the pillow. I love this bench!!!