November 8, 2011

Square book page wreath

I am addicted to book page wreaths!!!  They are so pretty and look great in my old house!!  My husband is a book pack rat and I rocked his boat when he came home to torn up books.  Most of the books I used weren't even ours, but garage sale leftovers from my sister.....hope she didn't want any of them!  He has an issue with throwing ANY book away, but after looking all the books up on Amazon he said it he was ok with me using them as long as I stayed away from his old sci fi books.....what a geek!  It's not that he's a jerk about getting rid of books, he just can't stand the thought of putting one in the trash can...even if it's an outdated manual!!  Love him!!!

This is my favorite one so far!!  It's a large square and I made five paper roses to add a pop of color.  It looks so much prettier in person!!


November 1, 2011

Distressed frame/dry erase board

Distressed dry erase board - $20.00

This large frame can be used as a dry erase board, but the back is removable so you can change the fabric or use it as a frame.  Inside dimensions are approximately 13 1/2 x 16 inches.


Potential :)

This weekend Troy and I went to an auction and brought home a few unloved pieces of furniture.  They had been stored in a barn and were FILTHY, but I see potential!!!

This cute little table is sturdy and only had a few places that needed repaired, but I think it will look good with a cream distressed bottom and a solid black tabletop. 

This poor chair was the most unloved of them all.  It had caked on dirt, but with a little sanding it is ready for paint.  My only problem is what COLOR!!! 

I bought this lonely foot board because it's finish is in great shape and it has great details.  I'm thinking about adding hooks to the bottom panel for a coat rack and maybe chalkboard paint in the big center panel for writing notes while on the way out the door.